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Meet The Sales Academy Team:

Henry Groeneveld
Henri Vlassak     
Miloš Stojaković
The Sales Academy ( “TSA” ) is the new and game changing approach to sales education and training in Serbia. Established by Serbian & Dutch sales professionals. It brings the best international sales methods and practices with sales methodology adjusted and further developed for Serbian market.

Our Vision:

Through the power of 3C approach – Customer, Company, Community – we aim to bring and increase benefit to everyone (in)directly involved in the sales process.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to help our partners further align sales goals with their vision and mission, to establish sales as the integral part of the corporate culture. Excellent sales culture means successful company, motivated employees & happy customers.

Our Motto:

Create Challenge – Inspire Change

Our words derive from the ever changing world around us and from the primordial axiom that change means survival in the nature, in the clash of nations, on the market. Change comes from the rising challenge to be overcome. Company that embraces and welcomes change – is ahead of competition, best in reaching & engaging customers, growing sales, conquering new markets.

The 3C Sales Approach

he Sales Academy identified three crucial factors concerning every sales process – Customer, Community & Company. We are giving attention to all three since they are interconnected.

1. Satisfied Customers - are returning customers, long term partners in business. An unsatisfied customer can fire everyone, from CEO to janitor, by virtue of purchasing from competition.

2. Sustainable Community - Your company is also measured by its business ethics and integrity. Via social responsible business it benefits community, returns portion of its success and values. Sustainable community is environment for further company growth, innovation and change.

3. Successful Company - Satisfied customers drive companies sales and success. A satisfied customer is your best PR & marketing. Successful companies create profit, new jobs, grows business and social influence.

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The Sales Academy

Address: Nikolaja Gogolja, 11030 Belgrade, Serbia

Telephone: +381 (0) 605930585